Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Brussels for some Mussels :-)


So as a means to break up my trip from Germany to London ( with several bags in toe, containing drums, sticks and all the other tatt I managed to squidge ...), I saw it a valid opportunity to stop off for a night in Brussels!

I had been planning to do this for months. One of the reasons being Moules-frites
POSSIBLY the yummiest thing ever..

 SUCH a cool city, and such a nice evening
and for pud pud..
Belgian waffles were consumed
So many to choose from!

 I picked the fudge sauce and creme combo
cant go wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the mannequin piss was photographed.( WORST PHOTO EVER!!) hes so tiny and i was freezing so i didn't hang around to wait for that perfect photo!!

Its an amazing city, where you will hear nearly every type of language and accent whilst walking along the street. It was confusing, I gave my French a good shot anyhow... (!)
(throw in some German and English= confused Belgian's!)  

Looks like I have another city on the list of places to live before im 30...!!!!!

ruairi :-)


  1. How cool that you got to have a stop over in Brussels! Belgium's definitely on my list of must-see places. The chocolate, the waffles, and all that jazz is just too good to be missed!

  2. Those waffles looked fantastic!

  3. *Shriek!*

    I am always wanted to see Brussels, but I didn't have time to get there on my last vacation! Enjoy the lovely food :)