Wednesday, 23 November 2011

back in the room!


nearly a whole year since my last post!!!

Don't worry, I have many good excuses, that include, (but not limited to)

hitting Stuff 
living with a junkie,crazy, flasher fraudster (NO JOKE)

house being broken into, and laptop being stolen ( in the crazy house)

not having a kitchen or oven...*seriously
(Im thankful for Star'b's)((justified by the fact Joni M loves Starbucks))
not having money, time or sanity- dramatic but true

being busy with music related stuffs ETC ETC ETC...

But some nice stuff for you to look at/ listen to...


(love you goys!!!!! :*)

weve been having some mighty fun recently and have some nice wee' gigs coming up before Christmas

maybe, hopefully see you soon?

stay sane and well,

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