Saturday, 23 October 2010

Pumpkin Pizza

Today the day came to try a recipe I have been wanting to try out for a long time, pumpkin pizza  with  butternut squash, courgette, basil  and yes, mozzarella cheese

The day began with the now customary Saturday morning trip to the Stuttgart market to gather the goods :-)
amongst my distractions were these big shake'y seed pods. I was super tempted to get a few 
and also




For the pizza base I used Jamie Olivers Recipe HERE, i mean im not prepared to go on guess work when yeast is involved (!)I made half of his suggested portions to make 3 decent sized pizzas

..It worked REALLY well although their was a bit of a heart stopper when I thought I had bought something else instead of yeast. ( its hard, they have different words over here, and "hefe" could be anything...right?)

Cup of Tomatoes
Cup of Pumpkin
4 cloves of garlic
Sugar to taste
olive oil

Boil tomater, garlic and pumkin, drain and mash. Return to heat and add olive oil and sugar for 10 mins until sauce looks like a pizza sauce ( y'know like...)

Put in a fridge and cool...

Roast the Pumpkin, Squash and Corgette ( i got a nice yellow one!)  whole, with a doucing of olive oil and salt. Leave to cool and chop into slices

Prep the pizza base, apply sauce first, mozzerella second. Then follow up with  basil, squash, pumpkin, and corgette. Drizzle with oil and put in oven until cooked (? until it looks cooked i suppose)

I honestly think the secret weapon
ingredient here is the fresh basil. After my 1st basil plant died a week after buying it, I decided that I would take a risk with another. I made sure to douse the leaves with olive oil before ovening to prevent them from going black. Here's to the longevity of my new plant...(if it manages to get through the withdrawal symptoms from living in a chemical pumped gas house)
epic fail

As i said, 3 pizzas were made..

Round two c. 18.00 with the Heilmanstr. krew
Round three c.21.00 with the remaining Heilmanstr. Krew

ruairi :-)


Friday, 15 October 2010

London :-)

Im certainly excited for the forthcoming weekend ( and Monday and Tuesday!)

1) Im returning to London for a brief visit and..

2) I will be chilling with the sista's in Tir Eolas ( they insist on being called sistas' Btw Fyi, yo' mum wuhks in Macdonulds kind of way...)

We have a gig in the Troubadour on Tuesday, do come if your near and like music of a rustic nature..

Although, its possibly probably likely that the program WONT include my a cappella arrangement of " girls just wanna have fun" ( i fought for it peeps, i promise) Laura has written one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard :-)

were a serious bunch really...promise...


ruairi :-)

Friday, 8 October 2010

Große Schlagzeugnacht

Tonight is the first of three Große Schlagzeugnacht(s) in Stuttgart..

I get to hit a tam tam and a gong at the same time with metal bars( along with 11 other percussionists!!!) in a piece by Xenakis called Persephassa,which requires players to be dispersed evenly around the performing space
Its VERY loud and brilliant :-)
I get a waterphone solo... courtesy of...
Richard Waters who invented the instrument :-D

and i get to play my bodhran :-D

gosh, Ive cited Wikipedia alot in this  blog entry...

ruairi :-)

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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

"Star" of Stuttgart

10 reasons why I love “Star Kebap & Pizza”!!!!! 

( but probably shouldn’t)

1. My first late night practice session in Stuttgart they re-opened after closing and gave me 2 litres of apple juice, and even tested if it was fizzy! I was very gracious and they blessed my onward journey 

( 50 seconds to my flat!)

2. I had my first time ( ...kebap) courtesy of “Star”. I know kebaps have a tough run in the UK, but over here they are at the pinnacle of the high end dining experience...

my first

3. My first and only kebap ( spelt kebap, take note people) was handed to me through a glass screen as a was funny and I laughed :-)

4. They make the pizzas fresh in front of you, including rolling the dough and dolling them up, ovening them …. You get the idea?

5. Its always open, even on Sunday when everything is closed, and once 5pm comes, I mean EVERYTHING is closed….except you “Star”

6.  They put a WHOLE bag of mozzarella on a mozzarella pizza and its not a half ass brand, I can see from the counter :-) They will put anything you want on a pizza…

7. They have a pizza deal on Friday, all pizzas 3 euro.. I think I may need hypnotherapy…

8. Did I mention that they are cheap? Massive pizzas are 4 euro, see pizza deal on Fridays for discounts

i know, a crap picture, trust me its real' good

9. I was told by an actual Turkish person that the owner is a master kebap maker/builder/administrator thingy…

10. Its super super clean and they always play appropriate music.. ( cheesy euro pop etc etc )

11. they sell MASSIVE bottles of apple juice-yum…

ok game over people…ten was enough right?!!

OK, I sure I could go on, but I don’t want to sound obsessed  or anything of the sort. If you happen to be in the greater Stuttgart area (anyone…!?) and  want a pizza ( or indeed a kebap) go to “Star”. Its near my flat, don’t ask the street name, something straße…

i dont think they have a website either...


ruairi :-)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dont Chop the Trees!

Yesterday the day came for work to commence on the Stuttgart hauptbahnhof extension...
and therefore, the the chopping of the trees...*


* well they tried to chop trees

and therefore the rebellion and uprising of the people of Stuttgart...I don't speak much German, but you can see the frustration in the faces of the people..

The protests have been going for the past few weeks and over the last 48 hours, things have been getting more and more ugly, with the police now using force to counter the resistance of the protesters. I went to the peaceful protest . along with every person I know in Stuttgart. to be present.   

excuse the quality of video peeps... :-)
On a lighter note, I have won a blogging award ( what? you ask, he cant even spell!!!)
Many thanks to Lettuce Head for putting me forward, much love :-)

ruairi :-)

Friday, 1 October 2010

Cannstatter Wasen - ROUND 2

  this is a beer "Tent" there were about 8 of these
 a few years ago i wouldn't have batted an eyelid...

I tend to go for the less scary rides these days, such as the ghost train...totally wasnt scared...




have you noticed that I didn't actually but the pictures ( need i ask that question?!)
you wouldn't believe the sass i got from the lady at the photo shop for taking these, HIGHlarious...

I mean youv got to love Carnies :-D

ruairi :-)
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