Monday, 22 November 2010

PASIC, Indianapolis Metropolis, and some more NYC

Next stop on the map was Indianapolis :-)

I stayed in All Nations B&B, which was nice

Thank You All Nations :-D

What can I say about PASIC*
Talk about percussionists heaven. I mean, what a one in a lifetime experience., three full days of talking percussion shop. I managed to bus some weird and wonderful instruments thank one could only buy at a percussion convention. Thank you so much PAS and PASIC!

 *Percussive Arts Society International Convention

Starbucks drive thru.... 
'WHAT?' you say Europeans?

I mean seriously, this is SUCH  a good idea! I’m already feeling the withdrawal symptoms of the extended drinks menu. Favourites were Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Caramel Brulee Latte...the list goes on... Seriously delish :-)

So, after all of the goings on I returned to NY for some more adventures.

Notably and randomly, whilst stocking myself up for my expedition back to Germany in DUANEreade ( pharmacy ala boots that sell anything and everything) GUESS who cruses up right next to me 
(only about 1 person away!)

La Toya Jackson
done up to the nines, none less... (!)

No paps, no raving crowed, just her and her 2 assistants!
Of course, first thing I thought-
"Gosh, im standing in a store in NY next to La Toya Jackson- NOBODY will believe me"
....right, because you'all(yall) wouldn’t we ye? Ye mighty pack of doubting Tomas’s. Well, lookies what I got....

:-) Enjoy :-)

I feel bad, I should at least link her website….

Check it out, buy her, um, music (?) and stuff...

Laters... :-)

ruairi :-)

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Manhattan in the Morning

I had the privilege of spending a couple' days in New York this past week :-)
  With the jumping of time zones *not as cool as it sounds* my body felt awake and ready to walk at 5am. My initial attempts to go back to sleep failed miserably
 ( not even Norah Jones could help me here !)
so, i decided to kick it and go discover the city. It was so crisp and fresh a morning and I decided to walk, and walk, and walk.... in fact I walked the length of Manhattan before 10am.. Starting on the upper west side, where I was staying.

It turned out to be one of the most amazing city experiences I have ever had. I saw the leaves being swept, the bread being delivered, shops opening , kids going to school, rush hour coming and going.
Highly recommended to one and all :-D

so... i have compiled a little compilation of some of the neat things of that morning in New York. I did a lot of street/avenue weaving and didn't really know where I was going, just followed my nose...

The leaves blowing from the subway vent literally hit me as i walked out the door onto the street- me says, IM IN NEW YORK, YAY!!!
(in my head!)

a glimpse of the park from the street

Rockefeller Center

Empire State Building

a different angle

about 9ish
Law and Order SVU being Filmed on the US Post Office steps!

Between 9 and 10 sometime...
Kitty in the meatpacking district ( people must have thought i was crazy waiting for the moggy to turn and look at the camera, my chances were scuppered when a sugared up kid screamed at it and it went back into the basement...)

around 10ish... i kind of lost track of time as the morning went on ! Throw in a few coffee/ cake stops here and there....

 End of the road and ready to start the day...

ruairi :-)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

München in Munich (!)

Last weekend was spent in the great company of my beloved elders in Munich :-D

 Fantastic time was had by one and all- and eating a plenty... even if the DK guide book tried to sabotage the weekend excursions (!)

Lake Starnberg

Pudding ( nachtish)

see how the dk book sabotaged this photo ???!!!!

Strudel Strudel STRUDEL !

As seen in a kids toy

And also to be seen was the busking marimba player (!!)


In fact I would go as far as to say that I ate a whole pig last weekend, that's how much "swine" I consumed. That REALLY IS something to be proud of :-) 

I also ate apple strudel ( and just strudel in general) on average twice a day, and no bakery was past without us testing the quality of its produce 

...all for cultural/socio economic/ecumenical reasons of course...

Next stop Frankfort-Dublin-NYC-Indianapolis-NYC :-D

ruairi :-)
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