Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Manhattan in the Morning

I had the privilege of spending a couple' days in New York this past week :-)
  With the jumping of time zones *not as cool as it sounds* my body felt awake and ready to walk at 5am. My initial attempts to go back to sleep failed miserably
 ( not even Norah Jones could help me here !)
so, i decided to kick it and go discover the city. It was so crisp and fresh a morning and I decided to walk, and walk, and walk.... in fact I walked the length of Manhattan before 10am.. Starting on the upper west side, where I was staying.

It turned out to be one of the most amazing city experiences I have ever had. I saw the leaves being swept, the bread being delivered, shops opening , kids going to school, rush hour coming and going.
Highly recommended to one and all :-D

so... i have compiled a little compilation of some of the neat things of that morning in New York. I did a lot of street/avenue weaving and didn't really know where I was going, just followed my nose...

The leaves blowing from the subway vent literally hit me as i walked out the door onto the street- me says, IM IN NEW YORK, YAY!!!
(in my head!)

a glimpse of the park from the street

Rockefeller Center

Empire State Building

a different angle

about 9ish
Law and Order SVU being Filmed on the US Post Office steps!

Between 9 and 10 sometime...
Kitty in the meatpacking district ( people must have thought i was crazy waiting for the moggy to turn and look at the camera, my chances were scuppered when a sugared up kid screamed at it and it went back into the basement...)

around 10ish... i kind of lost track of time as the morning went on ! Throw in a few coffee/ cake stops here and there....

 End of the road and ready to start the day...

ruairi :-)


  1. Love this post Ruairi - love New York too!!

  2. That’s one place I would love to go to. And, seeing your pictures just makes me want to go all the more.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  3. Wow, fantastic post. LOVE New York but have never been up that early over there, well unless it was because I was still up from the night before. Great photos.

  4. I really love this travel log! I've been to NYC many times and think the best way to appreciate it is to enjoy the everyday beauty of it -- not just the sights!

  5. Seriously you were moving moving moving

  6. Brilliant. My friend, your superb photos and accompanying captions, capture the very essence of New York city. Excellent.
    Have a peaceful and pleasant week.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  7. Beautiful pics of the city! Looks like a good time. Poor kitty!