Saturday, 23 October 2010

Pumpkin Pizza

Today the day came to try a recipe I have been wanting to try out for a long time, pumpkin pizza  with  butternut squash, courgette, basil  and yes, mozzarella cheese

The day began with the now customary Saturday morning trip to the Stuttgart market to gather the goods :-)
amongst my distractions were these big shake'y seed pods. I was super tempted to get a few 
and also




For the pizza base I used Jamie Olivers Recipe HERE, i mean im not prepared to go on guess work when yeast is involved (!)I made half of his suggested portions to make 3 decent sized pizzas

..It worked REALLY well although their was a bit of a heart stopper when I thought I had bought something else instead of yeast. ( its hard, they have different words over here, and "hefe" could be anything...right?)

Cup of Tomatoes
Cup of Pumpkin
4 cloves of garlic
Sugar to taste
olive oil

Boil tomater, garlic and pumkin, drain and mash. Return to heat and add olive oil and sugar for 10 mins until sauce looks like a pizza sauce ( y'know like...)

Put in a fridge and cool...

Roast the Pumpkin, Squash and Corgette ( i got a nice yellow one!)  whole, with a doucing of olive oil and salt. Leave to cool and chop into slices

Prep the pizza base, apply sauce first, mozzerella second. Then follow up with  basil, squash, pumpkin, and corgette. Drizzle with oil and put in oven until cooked (? until it looks cooked i suppose)

I honestly think the secret weapon
ingredient here is the fresh basil. After my 1st basil plant died a week after buying it, I decided that I would take a risk with another. I made sure to douse the leaves with olive oil before ovening to prevent them from going black. Here's to the longevity of my new plant...(if it manages to get through the withdrawal symptoms from living in a chemical pumped gas house)
epic fail

As i said, 3 pizzas were made..

Round two c. 18.00 with the Heilmanstr. krew
Round three c.21.00 with the remaining Heilmanstr. Krew

ruairi :-)



  1. That looks soooooo tasty AND pretty! As always I love all these photos-especially the ones of the market-those carrots look AMAZING! :) Well done!

  2. Pizza looks great but what I want to know is what one earth are the seed pods from?!

  3. I never would have thought of pumpkin pizza, but this looks absolutely delicious!

  4. P.S.-my husband (the chef) says that it is damn near impossible to keep a basil plant alive in captivity-he has tried (and failed) many many times-so don't feel bad it's not your fault-Basil is just fussy I guess. :)

  5. Wow, those pizzas look great. Pumpkin pizza sounds really good and it's fitting for the season.

  6. The trick with keeping a basil plant is to water from underneath - so that the roots suck up (?!?) the water from below.

    Pizzas sound yummy.

  7. you always make me so hungry! the pizza looks delish!