Friday, 1 October 2010

Cannstatter Wasen - ROUND 2

  this is a beer "Tent" there were about 8 of these
 a few years ago i wouldn't have batted an eyelid...

I tend to go for the less scary rides these days, such as the ghost train...totally wasnt scared...




have you noticed that I didn't actually but the pictures ( need i ask that question?!)
you wouldn't believe the sass i got from the lady at the photo shop for taking these, HIGHlarious...

I mean youv got to love Carnies :-D

ruairi :-)
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  1. That first ride looks scary as hell. I would never get on there. I go for the ghost train too. Fun Fun Fun

  2. you're lucky they didn't try to steal your camera. I'm usually not one for making stereotypes, but there's a reason nobody trusts carnies. When I was a kid I loved scary rides, now I'm an adult it's not the thrill of the rides I'm scared of, it's the safety of the rides themselves, and that first one looks like a death-trap. I'll take the ghost train any day over that!

    P.S. - thanks for visiting our blog!