Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dont Chop the Trees!

Yesterday the day came for work to commence on the Stuttgart hauptbahnhof extension...
and therefore, the the chopping of the trees...*


* well they tried to chop trees

and therefore the rebellion and uprising of the people of Stuttgart...I don't speak much German, but you can see the frustration in the faces of the people..

The protests have been going for the past few weeks and over the last 48 hours, things have been getting more and more ugly, with the police now using force to counter the resistance of the protesters. I went to the peaceful protest . along with every person I know in Stuttgart. to be present.   

excuse the quality of video peeps... :-)
On a lighter note, I have won a blogging award ( what? you ask, he cant even spell!!!)
Many thanks to Lettuce Head for putting me forward, much love :-)

ruairi :-)


  1. I realize the icon's a bit 'girly' but the statement is fact: You have a lovely blog :)

  2. Here here! I totally agree. Yaayyyy Ruairi!!!!

  3. Save the trees indeed! And congrats on your award!

  4. SAVE THE TREES, YOU BEEPS! >:O Congrats on the award!! :)

  5. Omg Ruairi where are you? It's been like 2 whole days since you've posted I'm going through total withdrawal!