Friday, 15 October 2010

London :-)

Im certainly excited for the forthcoming weekend ( and Monday and Tuesday!)

1) Im returning to London for a brief visit and..

2) I will be chilling with the sista's in Tir Eolas ( they insist on being called sistas' Btw Fyi, yo' mum wuhks in Macdonulds kind of way...)

We have a gig in the Troubadour on Tuesday, do come if your near and like music of a rustic nature..

Although, its possibly probably likely that the program WONT include my a cappella arrangement of " girls just wanna have fun" ( i fought for it peeps, i promise) Laura has written one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard :-)

were a serious bunch really...promise...


ruairi :-)


  1. I just read your 'About Me' and I need to know what the hell a HOB is?

  2. Yes Ruairi what is a HOB? I am very bummed that I will not be London to
    A. See you play some music of a rustic nature(which would surely be awesome!)
    B. See London and eat some REAL Fish and Chips.

    It's a DAMN SHAME. Are you taking video perhaps? You should have someone record the gig and then post it! xoxo-Sam

  3. *I will not be IN London - excuse my poor proof-reading.

  4. I believe music of a rustic nature is one of the best kinds. Have fun at the gig! :D

  5. Wow I wish I was in London then for numerous reasons! Good luck with the gig, and have fun playing! :)

  6. Best of luck - hope it goes really well. Wish I were in London this weekend, think I'm due a visit!!

  7. Hope you had a good time this weekend, and those are two great pics of your group!

  8. @Tricia and Sam, a hob is a stove :-) i i sense a con(K)er moment coming on!

    Thanks everyone for your good wishes, much love :-)

  9. I would definitely want to hear that version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"! Hope you had a good gig!