Friday, 8 October 2010

Große Schlagzeugnacht

Tonight is the first of three Große Schlagzeugnacht(s) in Stuttgart..

I get to hit a tam tam and a gong at the same time with metal bars( along with 11 other percussionists!!!) in a piece by Xenakis called Persephassa,which requires players to be dispersed evenly around the performing space
Its VERY loud and brilliant :-)
I get a waterphone solo... courtesy of...
Richard Waters who invented the instrument :-D

and i get to play my bodhran :-D

gosh, Ive cited Wikipedia alot in this  blog entry...

ruairi :-)

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  1. Oh--How exciting!! I would LOVE to be there ~ and that waterphone looks so intriguing, lucky YOU. Have a BLAST!

    I'm going now to check out all the links you so kindly provided---thank you for that.

    Cheers! ~m.

  2. Wow-this is super cool I always wanted to know how to play an instrument. There should be a video of this...

  3. Oh! And also-TAM TAM!!!!!
    I'm sorry I had to. ;)