Tuesday, 17 August 2010

i love chickens

after the car-boot shenanigansof yesturday, mum and i decided to treat ourselves to dinner at the Fota Island Golf Club...

I had ribeye steak which was actually done a proppa medium :-) (wiki quoteThe middle of the steak is hot and red with pink surrounding the center. The outside is gray-brown.) mum had posh style fishie and chippie. The highlight was desert, choco/hazlenut/toffee brownie with crunchie( as in the cadburrys bar ) ice-cream and cream and choco sauce....collectivly, it had a fancy name which i cant remember....

photo dont do it justice

halfway point

add in a trip to ruairi town Cobh, my place of living ages 8-18 for good measure.

my old haunts....
my old dirt track street...no postcodes here ;-)

Add in plenty of catch ups with old friends.......................
such as one of my old pet chickens who apparently is one of the oldest chickens in Ireland...

mrs brown

not about

  • the fact that as a child i personally kept chickens and ducks
  • the fact that this chicken is friggin old
  • i count a chicken as a friend
  • this chicken is called mrs. brown
  • this chicken has a theme song

  • re; chicken age.....thats what i was told from a very reliable source, and i peronally believe that this is one of the oldest chickens in ireland...circa 11 years old

    Wowza :-D

    ruairi :-)

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    1. you rule Ruairi!!!!!!!!!! laugh'o'minute. Poor old Mrs Brown looks like she could do with a milliners finest feather toupe! x Janey