Saturday, 14 August 2010

Granny and the Min-ster...

Ive been spending the last few days with my granny  and my SUPER cool aunt. (AUNTIEE MINNAEYYY)

Shes amazing and still the wittiest person ever at 88 years young...her stories are long and brilliant !

We share lots in common, and I mean lots, its scary…such as…

Our love of food, particularly of the Asian nature.

And maple syrup

And dressing dogs in clothes…check out these timberland booties, apparently for when its snowing. Snoopy works these pink babys out below for the camera. Surely worthy of doggie edition of vogue,


Im SO lucky to have the greatest aunt ever (cite wikipedia) My auntie Minnie is the best company ever and we always have a great time catching up about everything.

I also re-discovered Tracey Chapman on the bus journey up, truly amazing… the 6 hours flew. Love this song

Anyways, time to plan for tomorrows car boot sale in aid of the Ruairi Is Broke Foundation. Expect haggling with children and strong cork accents  from me and mum. Car boots are always eventful….the last one ended with mum being kicked by a miniature pony :-D good times…

ruairi :-)
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  1. Awww, Snoopy is darling! Definitely a resemblance to Lucy in the ears and eyes. And that pic of you and your Aunt is adorable...very nice shot! (I was wondering who that was with you in your new header...)