Sunday, 1 August 2010

my first blog :-D

Hello :-) im ruairi and i like stuff

like percussion

and mozzarella

and avocados

amongst others....

although, as most who know me know, mozzarella is my thing at the moment. as a final holiday treat and incentive to excersize i made a huge steak sandwich today ( well...pita)


possibly the most satisfying meal ever..

pita + mozzarella in grill...

roast whole corn on top...more grill

mushy avocados from lidl (45cent!!!!! wtf !!!!) ontop

marinaded steak on griddle

slap the steak on pita and grate( or mush) more mozzers :-)

more grill times

many thanks mammy glash for the collaboration, growing the green salad

(pictured below)

and now to Aldeburgh....

ps. that's my three legged dog, poppy,

masquerading as my mum, who would freak if i put pictures of her holing lettuce on the internet !

ruairi :-)


  1. Calahoon!!!!!!!!!!! this is the bestest blog I ever did seeeeeee!!!! such refined cookery!!!!
    xxxxxx the petergate loves you