Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The life of a suitcase !

the big shmoke, fun and food to be had, but not for me !!

there are many pros and cons of living out of a suitcase, of which i have been for the past 10 days or so...

ONE of which is not being able to make my own food, which is highlighted in the fact that that I cant realistically afford to go and eat out in beautiful fooderies around London !

OK, so there was one exception :-)

(sort of exception!) i went to Won Kei a few nights ago for a sneaky plate of squid in spicy black bean...i was to scared to take pictures though, they were angry enough at the fact I couldn't eat squid with chop sticks...ashamed to say it, im new to this blogging and need hints to taking sneaky photography!!!.JEEZE, i DESERVED it though...after 4 days of Bikram Yoga, I DESERVED to pig out !!! The food was delishious, and whilst some people are not keen on the staff environment there, I love the food and go back EVERY time.

of course coming to london is not coming to london without frequenting the whole foods on High Street Kensington for some sample snacking.... I do buy occasionally though so in the HIGHLY unlikely scenario that anyone remotely linked to whole foods reads this...PLEASE dont stop being generous with samples to keep bums patrons like me from abusing enjoying your beautiful samples...nice one ;-)

ALSO ON THE CARDS....Towersey Festival !!!!

amazing times were had by one and all....I was tutoring team percussion on the Shooting Roots program.

way to go with the 10/8 riffs gang !!!

unrelated to music, I also nearly bought a Tagine.... then reality kicked in....They better have  some sort of a good oven in my new apartment in Stuttgart! also nearly bough a buffy the vampire slayer mouse matt...resisted that too- LOL

Speaking of, I also saw a fantastic Aga shop in the close town of Thame. Its an inherited dream of mine from Mum to have an Aga, even though im HUGELY a little impatient when cooking I love the idea of soda bread and grilled toast and slow roasts with veg etc etc etc etc .. one day maybe !
is this an aga shop i see before me...
Amongst the good and great food in Toweresey were the Pizzas....homemade, in front of you, all fresh ingredients from the tomaters to the dough...ALL FRESH and delicious ! UN surprisingly they sold out pretty quickly on the last day...I foreseeing this made best use of their offering on the Thursday and Friday !!! check out their site HERE

any self respecting food blogger couldnt resist a first bite before the photo !
queuing not so patiently!!!!
 MUSICAL HIGHS ...there were so many, notably though...quartet Kan were fantastic ALTOGETHER. They really won me over with there sets and were technically, musically on it :-)

and for the fitting finale, the great procession of lanterns around the festival site...

Il surely be back to Towersey !!

tomorrow to Germany, to REITERATE, they BETTER have a good oven.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ruairi :-)
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