Sunday, 15 August 2010

car boot extravaganza.....

so today me and mum had the joys of chucking out selling some junk of our unwanted possessions at Castletownroche car boot sale. Fun times were had by all...

best sale of the day was a toss up between a wickless candle and a broken plastic tree to a woman who couldn't read ... for 2 shiny euyoyos ... dont ask .... i was getting us coffee when mum made the sale, not sure how conversation got to literacy, maybe mum tried to flog her a book togo with the candle?...

 My artful sale of an old pair of my  size 9 school shoes to a size 7 woman for a euro ( yes they were for her) also was one to remember ....also I unintentionally attempted to hustle encourage a woman to purchase a dutch book mum had just picked out of the jeep, incidentally she didn't understand what I was saying because she was Dutch.

Major LOLS :-D ....what are the chances...

Anyways, i made buckets of dosh and saw some really cool crap, not that the olsens are cool or nothing.

It was also really sunny( by Irish standards) 

And there was yummy cake.

So to celebrate my natural reaction was to make some cakes, my favorite salmon cakes....



  • Tin of cheap salmon... dont be tempted to use the expensive shizz, to put it polietly, it wont mish-mush together and be as yummy....ya

  • chick peas

  • cooked couscous... i cook with hot water and wine and stock

  • chopped pepper

  • chopped spring onion

  • a few table spoons of flour

  • lemon and lime

  • an egg ( VERRY IMPORTANT!!!!!)

  • herbs ( mum has a basil plant that I butchered)

  • toasted bread-crumbs

  • sesame seeds

Blitz salmon, chickpeas,  flour and egg with a blitz machine

add chopped veg and herbs or whatevs you feel like/have, i used sping onion and pepper. add lemon and lime, with lots of salt and peppa.

shake it all about...

toast and crumifie blitz some bread into bread-crumbs...add flour and sesame seeds

get a fist of mix and make into a nice ball and dip it into crumb mix...

put in fridge for 15 mins...or the freezer for 5 mins ( i did the freezer, who wants to wait 15 mins...)

heat a thick amount of (olive) oil on a big pan....when heated put patties into oil and flatten into cake salmon cakes , not balls....

Turn ONCE for good luck :-D

I had mine with white wine mushy peas to dip into....

and grilled cherry tomatoes on rocket ... smother with dark sugar and rock salt before grilling ....its cool because they looked like burst eyeballs

perfect for outside in the sun with a glass of wine and friends .....or inside watching the hills on MTV.....

guess what i did :-D

ruairi :-)

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