Friday, 3 September 2010

Hello Stuttgart !

Bye London
I am now officially a resident of Stuttgart!!!! How exciting is that! 

I took the train route as my plan was to deceive the Eurostar staff that my bags were withing the weight limits...I was literally like a bag lady riding a  hobby horse weighed down with bags :-)I succeeded


Arriving late in the evening and too late to move into my flat, i crashed at a hostel. Naturally my instincts brought me out at that late hour to do some exploring and to hopefully get some food and citrus water( !...i know thats lame but i cant be without!!)_

Just my luck as I was searching for the treasured flavored water I stumbled upon a food festival...yes you heard ...

(well a wine festival, with loads of beautiful German traditional grub of which i made it my business to eat)

  Whilst I was tempted to try some of the many free wine samples, I decided it best to pass for this evening. After 14 hours of traveling and practically no food in my belly ( YET!) lets face it it could have been disasterous!  the festival was the Stuttgart Weindorf and takes place between the crossover of August and September..

check out the website HERE and look at lots of information in German which I dont understand... 

i got

maultaschen ravioli sliced and diced on sauted potato scallops


kasaspatzel sweaty carb bullets with piccled leek and a touch of lavender 

strawberry in choklit strawberry in choklit


ALSO...wurst for one and all...not me tonight thanks! i know my limits....

I was really inspired by the ravioli stuff and have decided that once i properly start cooking with my new kitchen that im going to recreate this recipie, it was too delicious and i have a few sweet ideas to put my own little twist on it ! 
watch this space...

I also managed to find flavoured water too BTW.... the flavours are DIFFERENT i was none too amused to find peach, or cranberry. instead volvic offer the German market, orange and cherry..

fascinating isnt it?!

ruairi :-) 


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  1. What a wonderful start to your new life - great omen!!!