Monday, 6 September 2010

I saw a beautiful market on the main street happening for what seems like no reason atall. Is this regular in Stuttgart, nobody not even even google could give me an answer so i presume this is the norm YAY!

it was funny, when he saw me taking a photo he must have known or recognized me as a HIGH profile food blogger* and he started putting the best to the front!


he berries looked amazing and were the CHEAPEST and NICEST looking fruit i have seen in a long time.. id guess there wasnt much additives or antibiotics pumped into these berries, who were looking mightly fine!

Add caption pumpkins pleas be around in a few days when I can actually but real food !!!*

*my flat was gross when i moved in...will avoid cooking until a mighty clean takes place :-)

The only thing stopping me from buying a basil plant was the fact I had to register the the Hochschule 30 mins later...what a first impression that would be... I would be know as herr herb for ever!!

The Hochschule is ridiculous, it looks like a Mediterranean Vila on the inside and outside with 24hr practice facilities...what more could one want from this place.. I mean  SERIOUSLY!!!!

...also, not that id want to be anywhere other than Germany at this time its reassuring to see some kerrygold Irish IRICHE  butter for sale in Netto, one of my super-marches of choice ( ive vetted a few at this point),,,,also lidl and aldi in citi center locations, what is the world coming to WTF!!! I will be sure to avail of some kerrygold in the near future...always support your own lyke :-)

ruairi :-)

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  1. Hi! This seems like an upbeat, happy blog, and I am excited to stop by. Looking forward to reading more of your work. I live in the US and don't get to travel frequently so the pictures are great!!! - Wendy

    PS - My Facebook Page is AnonymousPunchingBag
    and my Twitter is WriteWendy

    Hope we can stay in touch :-_

  2. Butter, beautiful butter. The berries are lovely too. :D How fantastic to have access to fresh food on a regular basis.

  3. Hi thank you for stopping by at my blog which has led me to yours.
    What a lovely blog you have here! As Wendy said it's an upbeat happy blog and I'm loving it!

  4. Wow! You've got some great photos here. Very nice! I like taking pics of our farmers markets, too...always very colorful, not to mention yummy.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog...Lucy and I enjoy your visits. :o)

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog ~ because that is how I found your gem of a blog.

    I look forward to seeing life through your eyes/lens, I'll be back often. Great photos, delightful blog. Bravo and Cheers! ~m.