Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The concer, pigeon, noodle lampost and lady post...

Its Officially Autumn(!) , fall, herbstlich,
or whatever you choose to call it.
 (well not for 5 days or so)
  the finding of my first concer that practically fell into my hand* prooves that it is upon us.
*well like a meter away, which is just as good...

Ive been lucky to have had the company of a fellow Erasmus who goes by the name of  Frau Turner these past days- YAY

justs a few of the things that have gone down in Stuttgart ALREADY since her arrival....

Frau walked intoGOT SERVED by a lamp post on seeing a picture of the number 9 to Aldwich!!!!!!!!!... 
hopefully this poster of the bus, or of course the bus itself isn't haunted/cursed....

Whilst cakeing ourselves up on kuchen
in a cake dealership, a pigeon raided the cake shop, unfortunately,  Frau's attempts to mediate the situation angered the foul fowl and he unleashed his wrath on ME!!!!  

Ie. he/she flew around and knocked lots of things down...
seriously traumatic like.
I even considered using my newly found concer as a weapon and throwing it at the bird.

see attached facebook group...
Im a fully paid up and loyal follower. I thought I left argumentative pigeons behind in London...

Just in case you didn't quite catch a look, via the crapp picture i took..
(major LOls!!)

3)Found an amazing noodle place*, noodle and lychee juice for c. 4euro.... besides, the lovely Asian lady working the stall said she liked my hair and wanted to come to Gross Schlagzeug Nacht :-)
 *name and details to follow

4)We met an amazing American lady from Colorado and subsequently had a huge conversation with her for ages about culture and travel- she suggested we go to Baden Baden, it sounds like the Jersey Shore of Deuchland! Has anyone who might be reading ever been to Germany ( or Baden Baden?) Can you recommend any place worth visiting??

I asked her to come and look at my blog, hopefully she will...IF YOUR READING THIS LOVELY LADY, THANK YOU FOR YOUR WISDOM AND WE HOPE YOU GOT HOME OK :-)

ruairi :-) 

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  1. I have to ask-what is a concer? neeevver heard of one-some kind of nut or something? also totally agree on the alarming increase in pigeon boldness-also the squirrels-while in Cape Cod one tried to climb up my leg and was totally unimpressed by my attempts to remove it from my leg. Alarming. Eat more cake.

  2. You are welcome. I am the lovely lady. Well, not THE lovely lady but a lovely lady nonetheless.

  3. Wasn't Baden Baden where all the English football WAGS stayed and shopped during the (not sure what!!!!! - some tournament world/european cup?) a few years ago?????

  4. Frau Turner says that she is unimpressed by the photoimagery on this website...particularly the mockery of the serving of lamp post...

  5. Sam- A concer is a Conker, I mispelt it for creative purposes ......

    as in I just made a spelling error!! whoops, they come from horse chestnut trees- i grew up collecting them at the beginning of fall :-)

  6. Ohhhhhh-that went right over my head huh? LOL-my bad. I've actually never seen one of those though. I guess we don't get too many horse chestnuts here.

  7. Sam took my comment right outta my mouth. I was excited at the idea of some new fruit. But nooooooo....what a disappointment. :)

  8. Pipe down Tricia, its for the art sista :-D