Friday, 24 September 2010


I know I must appear to be obsessed with pumpkins and other members of the gourd family, 

but how could I not be...I mean...their everywhere !!
they must be pumpkin fans like me...?


Its like a desktop wallpaper :-D

I found this on the street on the way home from a party..odd?

balaphone, pumpkins included!!

 So to celebrate the season of the pumpkin, I decided to make pumpkin and raspberry chocolate chip cookies. Recipe HERE
be warned, i missed the 48 servings bit, so if you want 10 big cookies, use half the ingredients. I have plenty of dough left to make some more for the weekend!

They are REally good!

ruairi :-)
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  1. Those cookies look amazing. They look almost as soft as applesauce cookies.

  2. Yummy. BUt Im a tollhouse ready to bake kinda gal!

  3. They look yummy! I've never seen a cookie recipe with pumpkin as an ingredient. I must try them out soon.

  4. I want one of those cookies..... right now!!! Look AMAZING!

  5. Dear Ruairi,

    1. I really dig your pumkin pictures & I think you should totally put that one up on your desktop-it would be perfect for this time of year.
    2. Those cookies look killer but if I made them I'd have to eat them all myself as my husband is allergic to fruit.
    3. As you seem to be something of a baking expert maybe you can help me solve the mystery of 'THE GREAT TOLLHOUSE COOKIE DISASTER OF 2010'.
    As you know I cannot cook-BUT I can bake pretty well-b/c there is no guess work involved & generally if you follow the directions/recipe it will be OK. And I have always been able to make the best Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER. Recently I attempted a batch of them in my new home in Washington-my first baking attempt since moving here. I did EVERYTHING exactly the same way I've always done it-to the 'T' and used the freshest ingredients and everything. And they came out like HELL. They were flat as a paper and fell apart and were just generally a disaster. Why ruairi? Why did this happen? I don't get it. Let me know what you think.

  6. Dearest Sam,

    1. Thanks :-D
    2.I DID eat the first batch myself.. and there is another batch on the way Saturday and Sunday :-D
    3. Your already hired as my guest blogger ! Maybe it was your oven, if the fan dont work the heat wont distribute evenly, did you forget an ingredient like baking powder ? Im intrigued by this mystery, although im pretty prone to kitchen disasters myself...(!)

  7. Pumpkin and raspberry? Sounds adventurous...and gourdy.

  8. The first pumpkin looks awesome! I want to make my pumpkin super cool like that. And of course, those cookies look tasty!

  9. Love these pumpkins and those cookies look like they are to die for.

  10. Hi, I'm dropping in from the blog fest. Nice to meet you. *waves*

    I really enjoyed your posts (loved the pumpkins/wallpaper photo -- could also be a fab puzzle) and am happy to follow you.

  11. Ruairi - these look fantastic, you should enter them in the Chocolate Log Blog, raspberry and chocolate comp! (The link is on my semifreddo post)

    Last day for enteries today, so if you get back from the pub on time it might be an idea :-}}

  12. Dearest Ruairi,

    1. Awesome! I have always wanted to be a guest blogger!
    2. I am sorry it is kind of rude to leave such a HUGE comment
    3. The Baking Soda was the first thing I thought of-and since I had just purchased it I checked the date-it was BRANDY NEW! Utterly confused-the oven is only thought was maybe you can't make Chocolate Chip Cookies in Washington-in NY they worked fine????
    4. I'm afraid to try again-I will be so sad if they are all flat again...

  13. I love pumpkins too and often use it to replace sweet potato because it has more flavour. Today I made this but used pumpkin instead of sweet potato. It's one of the best soups I've had and I keep making it every week.