Friday, 17 September 2010

Music on the street

So, the curse of the number 9 strikes again...

whilst wandering  in down town Stuttgart yesterday afternoon.. I saw the most oddly fascinating thing,

a scary cool lady on the street playing odd Halloween styled music...on a saw

I took a picture...ALTHOUGH...

I never remember her looking directly at the screen as I took the picture..Its the curse again for sure!!!! see my post here.for the record she had realll talent and played the saw like no other ive ever seen

some of the other cool street acts...

man playing horn to popular melodies as Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie ( ABBA) and Achie Breaky Heart ( ??)
he had real soul in his performance :-)

man honking on sax whilst a parrot sat on head, parrot squawked every now again...emm...entertaining!!
no caption!!
ruairi :-)

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  1. That lady does appear to be placing a curse on you. Be Careful!

  2. So you have a thing about creepy numbers ey? I've always had an issue with the number 8-seriously-bad things happen. But anyway-these are fucking awesome pictures! I loooovvve the dude with the parrot on his head. Keep em coming.