Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Stuttgart 21

Basically there has been pretty much constant protesting in Stuttgart since my arrival on the 1st of September.

They (...the government...) want to destroy the park for an even bigger train station...presumably so they can increase industry and make more money.. think destroying the Stuttgart equivalent of Central Park, Hyde Park etc...
And the people are NOT happy.
 their on my college!
 So after a nice little practice sesh in college, I walked into one of these riots. See above and below.
emm...how do I get home ?!

Its a bit unnerving but none the less, a powerful sight to see the people come together and unite!

As I am a complete dope when it comes to speaking and reading German, I never know when the next protest/march/riot will take place...

I usually rely on seeing something like a police bike bombing it up the pedestrian walkway, men with guns, people jumping on cars etc...lol Although, the park is stunning and serene at night with little night-lights sitting peacefully on statues and trees.

Wheres Wally/Waldo (ruairi!)


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if you understand German...that is!

ruairi :-)


  1. whoa-perhaps you should consider bringing a helmet with you to school? At first it looked like those guys on top of your college were about to start lobbing bricks on the populace below. LOL.

  2. Like Sam said, you might want to bring a helmet to school & knee pads?! haha, be careful out there! Awesome pics though, is that with your phone?

  3. Hey :-) Thanks for comments girls :-D
    Pictures were taken on my mini cam, i think i unintentionally had it on some obscure setting because they all came out blurry!!

  4. hello, my friend...that looks scary..i haven't heard about this out here in california.

    are you from the USA?

    happy to see you at Farmhouse

  5. Hey Kary,

    Im from Ireland, and living in Stuttgart via London ! thanks for popping in :-)

  6. Oh man.
    Thank you for your comment on my post, I just saw it. It really is so different here from mainstream America. Sometimes, I walk down the street and it boggles me where I hear French for a moment. I forget I'm here. I don't understand how, but I forget.
    I've barely looked at your blog, and quickly passed your cookie recipe (I'm trying to eat better, man, not eat cookies...), but I think I'll be stopping by again.
    Oh, right, and there've been strikes here too. Really out-of-the-norm in America. They're completely organized and everything in France, really common. Completely disrupts the transportation services, airports, metros, buses, you name it.. I think it's a wee bit ridiculous, since legislation has already been passed.. but.. Oh well. :)

  7. Well...I figured out you're not in Stuttgart, Arkansas...Your pumpkin posts (above) confused me...They grown a lot of them in the South... Be safe!

  8. Ohh the only reason why I asked is because they're awesome pics! I would looove to visit where you live. I live in the United States.. blah! haha.