Saturday, 25 September 2010

Pumpkinfest, round two !

more pumpkins!!

will i ever get bored...

probably not...

Any takers with what this is supposed to be?
its a craze, their everywhere !

pumpkin with warts in a fancy shop...

baby pumpkins...awwwww

NOT pumpkins ( i dont think!) but they look similar...

kurbis=pumpkin in German.

funny. :-D this getting old yet??!!

NOT forgetting second round of pumpkin cookies...
eat me !

ruairi :-)


  1. I think the big grey one looks like a seal with a clowns nose! Is it the norm to decorate pumpkins over there? Can't imagine finding any like that in Supervalu. Hmmmm, maybe I'll put it in their suggestion box.

  2. Great photos! We lived in St. Louis, Missouri for about 10 years and Halloween was a huge holiday there...lots of people decorated lots of pumpkins and displayed them in October...

  3. Fabulous photos! Orange goes with fall...and the red in the leaves...I love the penguin at the top!

  4. I think its a walrus who's nose got eaten off by a shark...I think

  5. You too?! Everyone I know is obsessed with pumpkin! I guess it won't be long before you just go to Starbucks and ask for anything pumpkin while they have it :)

  6. I dunno I thought is was a Manatee up top? Perhaps not. Those orange papery things are Japanese Lanterns we used to have them in our garden when I was little-I always thought they smelled funny-did you smell them? I want to make pumpkin cookies those look yum.