Sunday, 12 September 2010

Times on Sunday time


After purposely scouring the streets of Stuttgart in the hope of finding a newsagents that was...

1) open  ....EVERYTHING is closed on Sundays in Germany

2)that had an international news section

3) selling the Sunday Times as part of there international news section

4) selling the Sunday Times with the magazine supplements as part of their international news section
Eventually, after a half mornings search... I hit the jackpot and scored the paper...
(minus the magazines)

One little problem though, look closer...

Yes, you see correctly, what is usually a bumper magazine laden package for the grand oul price of 2 pounds is a COMPLETELY slightly anorexic slimmed down version of my favorite newspaper charged at 5 euro and 10 cents, slightly disappointing...
( its the 10 cents extra for Germany that insulted me the most, I mean WTF!)

So, I leanet the hard way that many of the newspapers I am familiar with and enjoy reading seem to also have an "International Edition"

Which I read as..... 
a watered down, more expensive version of the publication, with less and older articles.

ALTHOUGH, I have to admit, It WAS WAS worth it and I can understand the reasons for such changes- I mean I am in a different country and all... I should be gratefuller !

 There was nothing more comforting than panning out with the times and just enjoying peace and quiet. There were some fantastic articles on Eduction and in particular, a  chap by the name of Gareth Malone- whos work as an music and education animateur, im a big fan of.

I was so happy- It was as if all my Christmases had come at once :-D
im tempted to buy as behind the veneer of Christmas decorations, lies cheap cheap chocolate goodness

Whaaaait ein minueten
Christmas decorations in Lidl already, ALREADY!

ruairi :-)


  1. Haha fun post! Never too soon for Christmas chocolate ;)

  2. Always important to be gratefuller!!!!!!

  3. Sometimes if given the opportunity newspapers will totally take advantage of you...Especially the international editions.