Thursday, 9 September 2010

Is this normal ?

Is this normal ?!
I dont know how things work in Germany ( in fact, im pretty stoopid when it come to German culture etc!), but in UK and Ireland If you move out of a rented flat/house their is a certain etiquette. You are expected, as usually stated in the contract, or in plain English.....

to clean up you shiz...

Is this normal?

it seems like with out apartment the people before literally took their valuables and left...dirty washing and all still in place...

I dont need to go into the not so fine details..

nice that we had to spend a halfs day cleaning to get the place livable!

On the bright side, one of the tenants,( possibly who still lives in the house, LOL) had an almighty amount of good quality unused, unopened still in date food, such as oils, seasonings preserves etc etc....i took and will continue to take the opportunity to use these goods as much as I possibly can...and worry about the consequences later! some killer asian store stuff too...yum!

firstly as i have little time on my hands this week with discovering my new environment, lychee and apricot crumble*! super easy ( besides ALL the ingredients were in the cupboards already ) SCORE..

*I know, another easy crumble recipe you may say... but its really delicious, I promise :-)

Lychee and Apricot crumble

  • Rice Flour half cup
  • Plain(?) Flour ( i don't know what type, its in German lol) half cup
  • can o' lychees
  • can o' apricots
  • White Cane Sugar half cup, and a table spoon or so for the fruit
  • Pintch of Nutmeg and Cinnamon
  • Iriche Butter half cup
  • chopped almonds quater cup
I use tins of fruit as is cheaper and in this case, already sitting in the cupboard when i moved in :-) 
If your able/into growing, peeling, civilising your own apricots/lychee more power to you friend!

drain and mix fruit,
cover in sugar and mix about

bring flour and cubes of butter together with tips of fingers, add sugar and almonds gradually.

For thes types of fruit, I wanted a slightly heaveyer crumble ( with the rice flour) so I have quite a thick crumble almost like a short bread mix

scatter crumble mix on top of fruit and pat down, paying attention to the edges. Push and pack in the fruit

Being a cheap ass, I bought a cheap glass bowl not knowing if it was oven safe...I took a risk...


Sprinkle with a few errand almonds and sugar for the lark...

Put in the oven for 30 mins or until LIGHTLY brown on top.


Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream...naturally.

Also, I think this dish is a Tastes better than it looks, and if I were civilized enough to have a diner party I would serve in ramekins, still keeping the the same shape and design.

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  1. Looks yummy to me and doesn't need a fancy ramekin!

  2. I have the same problem with moving in. The people before never clean up after themselves. It can get really gross.

  3. That looks...absolutely delicious.

    And I don't think I've even heard the word lychee before today.

    So I learned something new...

    But now I may get even fatter.

    To make me skinny, visit:

  4. I'm not sure what lychee is but I think peaches would work and I know that I have a jar of those in the cupboard. I love crumbles; so much easier than pie and just as tasty.

    Thanks for visiting the my blog today.

  5. As a big fan of pies and cobblers (crumbles), this looks delicious! And I'm also a fan of butter...I must try one of the European brands that I see in specialty stores.

    "Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream...naturally."...naturally!

  6. That crumble looks just delicious and just perfect to me. They are supposed to be a bit structureless, aren't they? Must be great comfort-food.