Saturday, 11 September 2010

Uh-Oh...Spaghetti O

Uh-Oh...Spaghetti O.....

although, i didn't actually eat her spaghetti

or leave her any of my lychee crumble to have as a peace offering.

I dont think this one is interesting enough for one of my followed sites Passive Agressive Notes...thoughts?!

JUST in case you didnt hear 1st time...LOL

I suppose its fair enough to terminate the lease on your apartment for 3 months and expect all you things to be there when you get back...LOL ...emm, well, Im not going to hold it against her. Il do my best to make up the used goods...I wont be replacing the mouldie food I removed from the fridge or the gunk I scrubbed from the sink, etc.... !!!!

And we should all hug eachother and make up, besides hugs are free..most of the time.
as seen in schlossplatz stuttgart yesterday :-)

Besides my basil plan died and im missing the final series of big brother in the UK, i have had enough grief! 
Good Grief !!!
ruairi :-)


  1. upon careful consideration of both 'passive aggressive notes'(which is completely hilarious) and the above notes-I think you should def submit them to aforementioned website-btw it's a fact that anything left behind for longer than a month is fair game/community property-so she should just get over it lol.

  2. this free hugs people are awesome!

    thx for the comment.
    lets follow each